Democratic forces stopped the regime's lies at the UN. How did the presentation of the alternative report on the Sustainable Development Goals go?

On July 12, in New York, the regime presented a report to the UN according to which all is well in Belarus – it is called the Voluntary National Review (VNR). But members of Tsikhanouskaya’s team Kristina Rikhter, Valery Kavaleuski and Anastasiya Kostyugova brought an alternative report on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Belarus, which was prepared with the help of political forces, public organizations and experts. We thank everyone who took part in the preparation!

Thanks to the real report after the VNR presentation, Forum participants criticized the regime's review. Anastasiya Kostyugova also asked to explain to her, as the daughter of political prisoner Valeryia Kostyugova, how the regime plans to fulfill the SDGs in the face of such repression and war. The regime's deception has been stopped.

13 July 2022 в 13:49