New Year gifts for children of political prisoners: fundraising by A Country to Live in Foundation

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “The New Year is coming up. For our children, this holiday is a real miracle. And in challenging times, they wait for the cherished presents under the tree even more. That is why you and I as parents always try to make a holiday for our children. We want them to remember warmth and caring in the first place when they reminisce about their childhood. 

I hope your families will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve together this year. But you and I know that not everyone will have it. Thousands of Belarusian children won't hug their mom or dad on these holidays, or both, because their parents are illegally imprisoned on political grounds. This is the reality of our country right now, but we can help little Belarusians: give them the gifts they hope to get.

A Country to Live in Foundation has been collecting letters from children of political prisoners telling Santa Claus about their dreams. Join this campaign. Just one donation can make the dream of little Masha, whose father is held in a punishment cell, come true. Or little Tolya's, who last saw his mom two years ago. Tell your friends about the campaign, invite your coworkers to join it, and make it the good deed of your company on Christmas Eve. Think back to yourself as a child — you probably still have a smile on your face when you remember a cherished gift you received a long time ago. And now is an opportunity to make other children just as happy.”

Besides, in her address, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya responded to Head of Belarusian Council for Culture Siarhei Budkin's proposal and urged Belarusians to send their children's New Year's wishes to Saint Nicholas, as Belarusian tradition suggests.

Join the fundraiser to contribute to more gifts to children of political prisoners.

25 November 2022 в 08:50