Anti-War Movement Manifest

The territory of our country, against the will of the Belarusian people, is being used for military aggression against the Ukrainian people: Putin and Lukashenka unleashed a war against Ukraine and are using Belarusians in a deadly conflict.

We, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, stand against the participation of Belarus in the Kremlin’s military actions against Ukraine and demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus and the end of the aggression.

To protect the independence and the sovereignty of our country, we unite our forces in the Anti-War Movement.

The Movement’s objectives are: help to stop this war, support Ukraine in its defense against the Russian aggression, return the power in Belarus to its citizens.

Three Principles of the Movement:

1. Everyone can be a member of the Movement

Anyone who shares the goals and principles of the Movement and acts to protect them can count on themselves as a part of the Movement.

2. Strategy centralized, tactics de-centralized

The Operational Headquarters of Belarusian Democratic Forces defines the strategic priorities of the Movement. The Operational HQ is open for entry to initiative representatives and civil formations. Strategic objectives’ realization proposals are formulated by all members of the Movement. The participants of the Movement can perform their tasks autonomously.

3. Every participant of the Movement defines a reasonable method of action on their own

For the achievement of the goals of the Movement, any action that is not aimed at hurting citizens’ lives and health on purpose is welcome. The right to self-defense is guaranteed by the law.

Glory to Ukraine! Long Live Belarus!

1 March 2022 в 21:00