Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya proclaims the Day of Solidarity with Belarus on February 7, 2021 

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “Since the fraudulent presidential election of August 9th, 2020, Belarusians have demanded democracy and freedom, staying persistent and courageous in spite of the regime's lawlessness. While the ruthless dictatorship resorted to unmatched violence, the protest has been peaceful and resourceful revealing the vast creative potential of Belarusians. 

To support those who protest daily in Belarus in the face of adversity and thank them for their bravery and strong will, I am inviting you to join on Sunday February 7th the Day of Solidarity with Belarus!

I call on international leaders, activists, journalists and all friends of Belarus to show solidarity with us by organizing performances and rallies, releasing publications and statements, displaying national Belarusian white-red-white colors, hosting competitions and online flash mobs.

This is what else you can do to show your solidarity with Belarusians:

– Hold or participate in a solidarity rally with Belarus in your city.
– Initiate and adopt resolutions/proclamations in support of democratic Belarus.
– Write letters to political prisoners in Belarus or take godparenthood over one of them.
– Light up the facades of buildings in national Belarusian colors.
– Support Belarusians through funds helping repressed people and striking workers.
– Write a tweet/social media post or take a video in support of Belarus with the hashtag #StandWithBelarus and/or tag Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

In addition, I invite you to join the online Solidarity Conference on February 6. The conference, organized jointly with the Belarusian diaspora, will include round tables on topical issues of Belarus and the launch of the newly established Belarusian People's Embassies”. 

12 January 2021 в 21:06