Kristina Rikhter commented on Swiss trial against Yury Harauski: “This is a landmark milestone for Belarus”

Kristina Rikhter, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's Advisor on Legal Affairs, commented on the trial that started in Switzerland against Yury Harauski:

“Today, the Swiss court is considering charges against Yury Harauski. In 2019, the former Special Rapid Response Detachment member confessed to his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Belarusian opposition politicians, Yury Zakharanka and Viktar Hanchar, as well as businessman Anatol Krasouski.

This case is unprecedented for Belarus. For the first time, a person involved in politically motivated disappearances of Lukashenka’s opponents will stand trial. This is a precedent that I hope will serve as an example for other countries. And soon, on a regular basis, crimes against humanity in Belarus will be reviewed under universal jurisdiction.

Universal jurisdiction is a mechanism that facilitates accountability for perpetrators, even if their grave crimes were committed abroad. Given that representatives of the regime openly violate human rights and do not intend to investigate numerous cases of torture against Belarusians, this mechanism can become an effective tool for holding specific individuals accountable. In particular, those who tortured and killed our compatriots following the 2020 elections.

If you have been a victim of a crime and are currently not in Belarus, do not remain silent. You can follow the examples of Alena Zakharanka, the daughter of the missing Yury Zakharanka, and Valeryia Krasouskaya, the daughter of Anatol Krasouski, and seek justice. To get help with filing a case under universal jurisdiction, write to We will help you contact our partners in this field”.

19 September 2023 в 13:00