“Helps to move from words to action”. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya – on the new resolution of the European Parliament on Belarus

Today, the European Parliament voted for adopting the resolution on Belarus “on the systematic repression in Belarus and its consequences for European security following the abductions from an EU civilian plane intercepted by Belarusian authorities”.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “No one – in Belarus or Europe – remains in doubt that this regime is criminal, that Lukashenka holds power illegally, and that Belarusians deserve the right to self-determination. The resolution of the European Parliament is helping us to move from words to action. It is very important that the EU with the US, Ukraine, Great Britain act together, in a coherent and consistent manner, to help the Belarusian people to achieve what they are fighting for every day – free elections and democratic reforms”.

What does the European Parliament call for in the resolution?

1. Aircraft incident, arrest of Roman Protasevich, international investigation of regime crimes:

  • To immediately and unconditionally release Raman Pratasevich and Sofia Sapega, other journalists, and all political prisoners in Belarus.
  • The International Civil Aviation Organization and the European Aviation Safety Agency to investigate and take appropriate action on this unacceptable incident. To study the possible role of Russia in the terrorist acts committed by the Belarusian regime.
  • Interpol – scrutinize Belarus' requests for “red notices” and take appropriate measures to prevent abuse of Belarus in the use of Interpol for political purposes.
  • Extend the sanctions to include those responsible for the Ryanair aircraft incident and those working for propaganda, misinformation by the regime, particularly Marat Markov, whose conversation with the prisoner Roman Protasevich was shown at UNMIT.
  • Establish an international tribunal to investigate the crimes of the Belarusian regime and Lukashenka and combat the impunity of the regime (through the Platform of Impunity of the European Parliament, the EU Justice Centre, and universal jurisdiction networks).
  • To suspend Belarus from participation in international sporting events, including the European and World Championships and the Tokyo Olympic Games, and to take the rights to broadcast Euro 2020 matches from the Belteleradiocompany and transfer these rights to Belsata.

2. Economics and business:

  • The EP joins the call to invite representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus to the G7 Summit and the Eastern Partnership Summit.
  • The European Commission, all EU countries, the IMF – abandon all financial support for the regime.
  • The European Commission should take steps to prevent European financial institutions from acquiring bonds issued by the Belarusian government and affiliated government institutions.
  • European companies, particularly Siemens AG, refuse to cooperate with the authorities of Belarus.
  • European Council – to impose economic sanctions against Belarusian regime, supporters, public and private companies, which are «purses» of the regime and subject employees to repression. The European Parliament also calls for sectoral sanctions against specific sectors of the economy: oil and petroleum products, potassium, steel, and wood processing.
  • Consider temporarily disconnecting Belarus from the SWIFT payment system.
  • European Union countries to strengthen measures against smuggling of cigarettes from Belarus to the European Union.

3. Assistance to Belarusian society:

  • To develop a comprehensive economic support plan for a future democratic Belarus worth 3 billion euros. To help put Belarus on the path of reform and modernization.
  • Increase direct support and interaction with civil society, democratic forces, human rights defenders, and independent media in Belarus and abroad.
  • The EU holds a high-level conference on Belarus' recovery from the crisis with the participation of international financial institutions, G7 countries, EU member states, institutions, etc.

Also, in the resolution, the European Parliament reiterates the non-recognition of Aliaksandr Lukashenka as President of Belarus, calls the regime in Belarus illegitimate and criminal, and supports the call for new free elections.

10 June 2021 в 16:41