Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya addressed the diplomatic corps in London

The meeting took place at the Lithuanian embassy and was attended by more than 30 ambassadors and representatives from the embassies of European Union countries, the United States, Canada, countries in Central and South America, including Guatemala and Jamaica, as well as South Africa.

The meeting focused on the role of Belarus in the war and accountability for the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. Special attention was paid to the possible actions of the international community and the International Labour Organization in imposing sanctions against the Lukashenka regime for repressions against the labor movement, as well as preventing the regime from joining the UN Security Council as a temporary member, which it is currently seeking.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya answered questions from ambassadors concerning the situation in Belarus, recent partisan attacks, the situation in prisons, relations between Belarus and China, as well as questions regarding sanctions and attempts by the regime to remove potassium enterprises from the sanctions lists under the guise of food security concerns. Ms. Tsikhanouskaya noted the inadmissibility of such concessions until the repressions are stopped.

An arrangement was made to hold a similar meeting with the diplomatic corps in Washington at the end of the month.

9 March 2023 в 18:38