Aliaksandr Milinkievich

  • Advisor on the Implementation of European Choice of Belarus (non-staff)

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Chancellor of the Free Belarus University, ex-candidate on the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus. Laureate of the Andrei Sakharov Prize «For Freedom of Thought». 

Tatiana Shchyttsova

Dr. habil. in Philosophy, Professor at European Humanities University (Vilnius).

Aleś Alaсhnovič

Economist, Vice President of the CASE-Belarus Analytical Center, that studies economics and develops economic reforms in Belarus.

Kristina Rikhter

Lawyer, expert in international standards of human rights. Graduate of the European Parliament's Sakharov Fellowship and program for diplomats “New staff for New Belarus”.

Anatoli Liabedzka

The Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus of the XII and XIII convocation deputy, head of the European Dialogue Center.

Marharyta Vorykhava

  • Advisor on youth policy and students

President of the BNYC RADA and representative of the AC on Youth in the Council of Europe from the European Youth Forum. Member of the Contact Group of the Council of Europe and the Advisory Council of the European Union on Belarus.

19 November 2020 в 09:40