Should you fear the police and losing your pensions? How the lives of Belarusians depend on sovereignty

“Imagine a contract. Perhaps, you have signed contracts in your life that define the mutual relationship of the parties. In this case, the parties are the state and the people. Party 1, the people, undertake to do something and in return demand the enforcement of their rights. Party 2, the state, undertakes to enforce those rights as long as the society fulfills its functions.

And so if we see the Constitution as a contract, there are a lot of questions…

Did we really agree that bureaucrats, law enforcers, and policemen, rather than pensioners, doctors, and teachers, would have privileges? Did we really agree that to maintain order we must fear the police? What and from whom do the police authorities guard – is it the right to unlimited power? And did we agree to provide our territory for military aggression against a neighboring country?”

In this video, Sviatlana Babintseva, representative on legal affairs of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, explains how the preservation of sovereignty affects the life of every person in Belarus.

On the cover: Youth Day in Ivanava, photo from the channel Belarus beyond the MKAD.

Watch the video with subtitles in English