What concerns all of us? Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on the shortage of doctors and teachers, falling wages and new bans

In this video Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya speaks about what concerns every Belarusian. Belarus has an acute shortage of doctors, with healthcare institutions lacking up to 3.5 thousand physicians. This means that one day a standby doctor may not have enough time to save the life of someone we love. Belarus does not have enough teachers in schools, teachers at universities, tutors and child-minders in kindergartens. This means that the people who take care of our children are quitting their jobs because of low salaries, tons of bureaucracy, and constantly changing ideological guidelines.

And what about trade? Every morning stores redo price tags, and the ratio of prices to wages is now humiliating. How does the government suggest solving the problem this time? By banning price increases, which only exacerbates the economic crisis.

All these stories are not about politics. They are about people who want to live a decent life, have a good job, bring benefits to society, and take care of their loved ones. But with every step they take, they face bans, threats, humiliation, and crudeness. Belarusians are decent people and high-demand professionals, not service personnel for the police. Giving an order won't create a prosperous Belarus. Basic respect for every human being will.