Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya announced the United Transitional Cabinet and named its first members

“I made the decision to establish the United Transitional Cabinet, a collective executive body that will work daily to achieve the main goals:

  • Defend the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, represent the national interests of Belarus. Carry out the de facto de-occupation of Belarus.
  • Restore constitutional legality and the rule of law.
  • Develop and implement measures to thwart the illegal retention of power, ensure the transit of power from dictatorship to democracy, and create conditions for fair and free elections.
  • Develop and implement the solutions needed to secure a democratic change in Belarus.

And as a result, all political prisoners must be released.

Under the rules of democracy and transparency, all candidates must be approved by a representative body – and I am counting on the Coordination Council here. But with the war going on and our country in danger of losing its sovereignty, I agree with Mr. Latushka: It is time to act. Therefore, I nominate the first key candidates now, for a period of 6 months, to be recognized by the future representative body.

I am pleased to announce the first people who are ready to work and strengthen the Cabinet and invite them to the stage.

– Pavel Latushka, Cabinet Representative for the Transit of Power.

– Aliaksandr Azarau, Cabinet Representative for the Restoration of Law and Order.

– Valery Kavaleuski, Cabinet Representative for Foreign Affairs.

– Valery Sakhaschyk, Cabinet Representative for Defense and National Security.

From now on, this is our common team. In my absence, Pavel Latushka and Valery Kavaleuski will be my deputies. Additionally, the Cabinet is to have representatives on social policy, economy and finance, and national revival. The Cabinet may and will be expanded.

We must not wait for the team to be fully assembled – we are commencing the work now. But we need more representatives, managers, and speakers. This is why you are welcome to join the work — all our contacts are open, use them. Both the Cabinet and our movement as a whole need more women's voices – and, dear Belarusian women, I hope for your initiative.

Follow our social media channels, where documents on the goals, regulations, and structure of the United Transitional Cabinet will appear shortly. As well as its immediate next steps.

We will also continue efforts to reset the Coordination Council as a representative body. The Coordination Council will complete its reorganization preparations by September 1.

During the conference, the Organizing Committee adopted several important documents. They include the Declaration on the Goals and Values of the United Movement, statements in support of Ukraine and against the regime's anti-Polish campaign, and the Code of Ethics for the Democratic Forces. The documents are available on the Conference’s website.

We are very much looking forward to the launch of Digital Belarus this fall and will help make sure that it does not become a diaspora-only application. And for our part, we will strive to ensure the work of Digital IDs.

By October, we will explain the possible implementation of the three-billion-dollar EU assistance plan, as well as the mechanisms and destinations of the Western aid, and the procedure to receive it. By November, we will present the concepts of economic and legislative reforms which Anatoli Liabedzka and our economists talked about.

We will hold the Belarusian Business Forum this fall. In the coming months, we will form the International Economic Council for New Belarus, to which we will invite former heads of government and top economists, to work out the solutions that Belarus needs right now.

We have intensive months of work ahead of us. We will join the UN General Assembly for the first time. We will open representative offices in Estonia, Prague, and Brussels. Remember that we need this work to keep Belarus on the agenda.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that the Cabinet is an important step, but the mere fact of its establishment will not solve the problems of our people. For this, we need to work hard and persistently.”

9 August 2022 в 17:58