Светлана Тихановская выступила на мероприятии Королевского института Элькано

Сегодня Светлана Тихановская приняла участие в онлайн-дискуссии «Куда движется Беларусь?» Королевского института Элькано в Испании, организованной вместе с литовским и польским правительством. Темой мероприятия стала ситуация в Беларуси, поддержка Европой и Испанией в частности демократических изменений в беларусском обществе.

В своем приветственном слове Светлана рассказала о политических заключенных, призвала расширить санкции против режима и продолжать помощь гражданскому обществу Беларуси. Избранный лидер также отметила, что очень важно держать Беларусь на международной повестке дня.

«Все виновные в нарушениях прав человека должны быть включены в санкционные списки ЕС. Следует запретить всем бизнесам, связанным с семьей Лукашенко, хранить свои активы в европейских банках».

В мероприятии также участвовали директор Королевского института Элькано Чарльз Пауэлл, вице-министр иностранных дел Литвы Мантас Адоменас, вице-министр иностранных дел Польши Мартин Пшидач, представители МИДа Испании. Участники дискуссии: 

– подчеркнули важность давления европейских стран на режим Лукашенко;
– выказали поддержку требованию проведения новых честных и прозрачных выборов в Беларуси;
– заявили о работе Евросоюза над Всеобъемлющим планом помощи Беларуси.

Полная речь Светланы Тихановской на мероприятии:

«Dear Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honor for me to speak in front of you today. Thank you very much for initiating this discussion on Belarus. It is already a second discussion for me at the Elcano Royal Institute. Since my first visit to Elcano last December in Madrid, the situation hasn’t changed much. Belarusians keep demanding new elections, and the regime’s only response is violence.

However, it's harder to come across photos of beautiful mass rallies in Minsk on the international newspapers' covers, as was the case recently. Does it mean that the protests have finished? Not at all.  

Right now, the protest is horizontal and decentralized. Many local rallies, creative actions, and chains of solidarity can happen anywhere and anytime. The activity of residential neighborhoods with performances, murals, and tea parties became one of the essential forms of protests. Belarusians deploy incredible creativity to make their voice heard in the country with total political oppression.  

The heroism of Belarusians shall not be forgotten. Lukashenka hopes that in a few months, the world will forget about Belarus, and “business as usual” will resume. We cannot, and we will not forget all the crimes committed by Lukashenka’s regime against Belarusians. We cannot forget three journalists Katsyaryna Andrejeva, Darya Chultsova, and Katsyaryna Barysievich, who are facing criminal charges for telling the truth. We cannot forget Eduard Babaryka, who has been in jail for over half a year for running his father’s election campaign. We cannot forget Artsiom Sauchuk, who has been sentenced today to four years for protesting against rigged elections. 

We can not forget it, and we need to act fast.

What the world and the EU can do for Belarus?

First of all, we need the European Union and its united response. Only with our neighbors and international partners’ help Belarus can become a country where the rule of law, freedom of expression, and the right to a fair trial are respected. 

The crisis in Belarus is not the concern of only our nation or our neighbors who have shown so much support – Lithuania, Poland, Latvia. 

Vice-minister Adomenas, vice-minister Przydazc on behalf of all Belarusians, thank you for your principled position.

The crisis in Belarus is a challenge for all in Europe, but it is also a chance for Europeans, including Spaniards, to prove that you are true to the principles of democracy.

The EU shall send a clear message to the regime that they crossed the red line, and there is no return possible to the previous status quo until Lukashenka is in power. All those responsible for human rights violations shall be included on EU sanctions lists. All the businesses associated with Lukashenka’s family shall be prohibited from keeping their assets in European banks.

At the same time, I encourage all European diplomats in Belarus to continue helping people on the ground and showing their solidarity with the Belarusian cause. Thank you for being on the side of the people of Belarus during the Day of Solidarity last Sunday. Please use your power in international organizations to solve the political crisis and give an Impetus to the transformation of the Belarusian political system.

I call on the EU to prepare a comprehensive plan of economic support for democratic transition in Belarus. 

I would also like to address journalists, analysts, researchers, students, and all those who stand for democratic values and human dignity! Spread the news about our struggle, take the patronage over political prisoners, write letters to political prisoners in Belarus, initiate discussions and events about our peaceful protests, help document crimes against Belarusians. Launch your own initiatives to support us. It is never enough.  

The road towards democracy is often long and bumpy. And now Belarusians need your support on our path towards democracy. Be on the side of the people of Belarus, and we will be there for you tomorrow. 

Long live Belarus!».

10 февраля 2021 в 14:53