What have Belarusians achieved in 2 years?

“What if we didn't do everything the way we expected of us? We compare ourselves to imaginary selves who should have won in 2 months, and so we feel like we failed to do anything in 2 years. But we need to compare ourselves with our former selves, who had never before gone so far as we have after the elections, stayed united for so long, and done so much”.

This video shows what Belarusians have achieved over 2 years of hard work. They have self-organized to help doctors, reopened the closed media, provided systemic support for the repressed, organized partisan resistance to the war, and formed their first national combat units. Belarusians are putting pressure on the regime, making it more and more unstable and stepping up global isolation of the regime from resources. They have made an agreement with the EU for 3 billion euros of assistance to Belarus after the changes. And the list goes on.