The regime in Belarus creates an environment forcing businesses to either shut down or leave the country

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “I increasingly see news about the closure of businesses in Belarus. One by one, shops, cafes and restaurants are closing. Tech companies have already relocated and now pay taxes that could have contributed to Belarus’ development in other countries. This trend is becoming more and more noticeable every day.

The government has always been unwilling to facilitate business and entrepreneurship. And now it deliberately forces more and more entrepreneurs to consider moving or closing their businesses. I know that thousands of people are forced to shut down the businesses they have been developing for years with no help but lots of resistance from the government. Many have even managed to adapt and survive through COVID and several economic crises. The expertise and experience of these people are admirable.

Such professionals are an invaluable resource for any country. And I believe that in the new Belarus, these people will get to develop and scale their businesses freely. And instead of persecuting taxpayers, who keep the government going, officials will not only help businessmen but also work to attract investments, valuable experience, and human capital to the country”.

14 March 2023 в 14:54